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‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ Genshin Impression quest information: Full walkthrough particulars

‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ is a quest that some new gamers would possibly wrestle with in Genshin Impression.

The Dragonspine region is well-known for its chilly and brutal setting. One notable quest right here is ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ Right here, gamers communicate to Harris, give him ten Chilled Meat, defeat The Nice Snowboar King, and make some goulash.

It is a simple quest, however there are some issues gamers ought to take into accout when making an attempt it. This information will cowl all the particulars that players ought to know.

Genshin Impression: ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest information

The starting location for the 'Ah, Fresh Meat!" quest (Image via Genshin Impact)
The beginning location for the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!” quest (Picture through Genshin Impression)

Genshin Impression gamers can begin the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest by speaking to Harris within the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp. This location is up north from the Snow-Coated Path, with a Teleport Waypoint close by.

He’ll then ask the participant for ten items of Chilled Meat. If the participant already has it, they can provide it to him to advance to the following a part of the search. If the participant does not have it, they’ll defeat Snowboars in Dragonspine to get two of them at a time.

For gamers who do not have Chilled Meat

A frozen Snowboar (Image via Genshin Impact)
A frozen Snowboar (Picture through Genshin Impression)

Teleport to the southeastern Teleport Waypoint in Dragonspine. Journey again to the mainland and soften the ice that comprises a Snowboar. A number of Snowboars spawn frozen on the southeastern coast, so the participant should use Pyro to soften the ice. Afterward, remove the Snowboar and accumulate the 2 Chilled Meat it drops.

Keep in mind, Genshin Impression gamers should accumulate ten of them for the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest.

Giving the Chilled Meat to Harris

The player will have to defeat these Snowboars (Image via Genshin Impact)
The participant should defeat these Snowboars (Picture through Genshin Impression)

Give the ten Chilled Meat to Harris again on the Dragonspine Adventurer’s Camp. He’ll speak about The Nice Snowboar King. Afterward, the Genshin Impression participant should head to a spot on the map.

Soften the ice of the Snowboars right here (the picture above would possibly assist) and defeat them. As soon as the participant succeeds in doing that, The Nice Snowboar King will spawn.

The Great Snowboar King, as it appears in 'Ah, Fresh Meat!' (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Nice Snowboar King, because it seems in ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ (Picture through Genshin Impression)

The Nice Snowboar King does a good quantity of harm. It counts as a boss, and the participant should defeat it to advance within the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest. Its assaults are gradual but can simply deal just a few thousand harm to unsuspecting gamers.

Protect characters can assist novice Genshin Impression gamers survive this boss battle. This boss additionally has an assault the place icicles fall. They’re comparatively extensive however are simple to keep away from altogether.

Genshin Impact players can warm up by heading north to this area (Image via Genshin Impact)
Genshin Impression gamers can heat up by heading north to this space (Picture through Genshin Impression)

The largest drawback for Genshin Impact players to beat is the Sheer Chilly impact. They’ll heat up by heading up north to this space (or by heading south to the Pyro Seelie).

Sheer Chilly offers regular harm over time however will not be deadly to gamers who’ve good maintain or can defeat The Nice Snowboar shortly sufficient. The primary goal is to remove this enemy.

Genshin Impression gamers can battle The Nice Snowboar after beating the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest.

Return to Harris

The Goulash cooking screen (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Goulash cooking display (Picture through Genshin Impression)

After returning to Harris, Genshin Impression gamers should create Goulash. This recipe requires two Chilled Meat, Two Carrots, and one Tomato. It lowers the effectiveness of Sheer Chilly in Dragonspine when consumed.

Make one and provides it to Harris. The Genshin Impression participant should then wait till 18:00 earlier than talking to Harris as soon as once more. Upon doing so, the participant shall be completed with the ‘Ah, Contemporary Meat!’ quest.



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