Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Biden Be Impeached For Going To Ukraine


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made her assist for Putin and Russia very clear by demanding Biden be impeached for going to Ukraine.

Greene tweeted:

That is going to come back as a shock to Rep. Greene, however visiting an American ally on President’s Day isn’t an impeachable offense.

Greene couldn’t be any extra pro-Russia if she photographed herself wrapped within the Russian flag holding an image of Putin. Rep. Greene has been referred to as out on the Home ground as a supporter of Putin.
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Solely a rabid opponent of American democracy may assault a President Of America for going to Ukraine, which is a struggle zone to point out assist for a nation that’s preventing for its democracy and survival.

It’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, not President Biden who’s a hazard to the nation. Greene is so determined to get her authoritarian hero Donald Trump again into the White Home that she needs to question Biden for doing his responsibility as an American president.

Russia is dropping. Biden is succeeding. With their authoritarian desires melting, Christian Nationalists like Marjorie Taylor Greene have gotten a fair bigger menace to democracy and the nation.


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