Jamie Raskin Calls Out Kevin McCarthy And Tucker Carlson’s MAGA Propaganda Plot


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) requested why the safety footage of the Capitol on 1/6 was solely made obtainable to Tucker Carlson and instructed America to odor the MAGA propaganda coming.

Rep. Raskin tweeted:

Rep. Raskin was right. None of this provides up. Why did McCarthy select to offer the footage solely to Tucker Carlson? How do members of Congress and the American folks know that the footage received’t be used as a roadmap for a future rebel?

Any future home terrorist will be capable of know the place the congressional saferooms are and the place the safety cameras are situated. Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson unique entry to the Capitol footage as a result of he desires a MAGA propaganda push that can try and discredit the work of the 1/6 Committee.

By giving Tucker Carlson unique entry to the footage, Speaker McCarthy has jeopardized nationwide safety.

Kevin McCarthy’s actions have been the alternative of the 1/6 Committee. The Committee was cautious with safety of their investigation. McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and different Home Republicans have been reckless.

Speaker McCarthy is a puppet whose strings are within the fingers of Donald Trump. If McCarthy wished the propaganda marketing campaign to have credibility with your complete nation, he wouldn’t have turned the footage over to Tucker Carlson.

It appears the purpose of this effort is to not persuade your complete nation that Trump didn’t attempt to overthrow the federal government however to persuade sufficient Republican major voters to disregard the Trump coup and nominate him for a 3rd time.

Kevin McCarthy might be setting the stage for one more home terror assault as a result of he’s placing Trump’s 2024 wants forward of the nation.


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