Biden Humiliates Putin And Trump In Poland


President Biden delivered a robust message to Putin, Trump, and the entire Republicans who need to appease Russia throughout his speech in Poland.

Video of President Biden:

Biden advised Putin that he’ll fail:

President Putin’s craven lust for land and energy will fail, and the Ukrainian’s love for his or her nation will prevail. Democracies of the world will stand guard over freedom right now, tomorrow, and ceaselessly. So that’s what is at stake right here freedom. That’s the message that I carried to Kyiv yesterday, on to the folks of Ukraine. When President Zelenskyy stated that he got here to the USA in December, quote, he stated this wrestle will outline the world and what our youngsters and grandchildren and the way they stay after which their kids and grandchildren. He was not solely talking of the kids and grandchildren of Ukraine, he was talking about all of our youngsters and grandchildren, yours and mine.

We’re seeing once more right now what the folks of Poland and the folks throughout Europe noticed for many years, appetites of the autocrat can’t be appeased. They have to be opposed. Autocrats solely perceive one phrase no, no, no. No, you’ll not take my nation. No, you’ll not take my freedom. No, you’ll not take my future. And I’ll repeat tonight what I stated final 12 months on this identical place, a dictator making an attempt to rebuild an empire won’t ever be capable of ease the folks’s love of liberty. Brutality won’t ever grind down the desire of the free. And Ukraine, Ukraine won’t ever be a victory for Russia, by no means.

President Biden might have been talking about Donald Trump and the pro-Putin wing of the Republican Celebration as he mentioned why autocrats can’t be appeased. Trump is understood to fly right into a rage when he’s advised no. Someplace deep inside, Putin is aware of that his invasion has failed, simply as Trump is aware of that he’s a failed president.

The Republicans who need to appease Putin don’t need to accomplish that out of a want to finish the bloodshed. There’s a faction throughout the Republican Celebration that’s against democracy and desires to see a Trump-led autocracy in the USA.

Biden was proper. Authoritarians whether or not they’re in Moscow or Mar-a-Lago solely perceive the phrase no. There might be no appeasement from this president, who’s rising as a historic defender of democracy and freedom.


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