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Top 5 Cars In Actors Ajay Devgn’s Garage

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Here is a sneak peek into some of the most flamboyant cars owned by the Singham actor.

Bollywood’s big shot celebs are known for their awesome sense of style and stunning car collections. Our favourite cop, Ajay Devgn is not an exception to that rule. Bollywood’s favourite cop is known for his insanely cool car collections and they do get special treatment in his garage. Here is a sneak peek into some of the most flamboyant cars owned by the Singham actor.



Ajay Devgn is the first-ever Bollywood actor who bought this beauty from Italy at the price of ₹ 2.8 Cr in 2008. The Trident logo makes this luxury car one-of-a-kind. The excellent combo of power, speed, and comfort makes Quattropotte classy. It is powered by a 4.7-litre V8 gasoline burner and obtains 431 brake horsepower against 490 Nm. Straight from the House of Bologna, Maserati Quattroporte in the garage of Devgn is the epitome of luxury.



The 2010 BMW Z4 is a star in Ajay Devgn’s troupe. The twin-seat convertible resonating with BMW’s tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” is the one that brings in the sporty attitude to the Golmaal actor’s garage. The BMW Z4 gets the energy from the 3-litre turbo inline-six petrol motor which offers 302 BHP against 400 Nm. On the whole, the Z4’s near-to-perfect engineering makes it a grandeur that speaks for itself.

Range Rover Vogue


The Range Rover is an irreplaceable addition to Ajay Devgn’s car collection. Being an iconic car, it is not surprising that the Vogue has a place in Devgn’s troupe. The Vogue is an SUV masterpiece that offers the perfect balance between luxury and off-road performance. The trademark design caught Ajay’s attention as it went hand-in-hand with his personality.

Mercedes S Class and GL Class



Ajay Devgn’s car collection is incomplete without the old-gen luxury car Mercedes S Class and GL Class. He owns two of the most wanted Merc editions that anyone could ask for. Both the models are popular not only in the country, but across continents. The former, S350 CDI is a serene embodiment of sedan while the latter is a beast of an SUV.

Rolls Royce Cullinan


The Rolls Royce Cullinan takes its name after the diamond in the British crown jewels. It is the perfect amalgamation of luxury and power. As the first SUV from the luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce, Cullinan is an iconic car. With various elements personalized, it is the one to have champagne in while travelling. The Cullinan has a 6.75-litre V12 motor that offers 563 brake horsepower against 850 Nm. Though the price tag seems to start at ₹ 6.95 Cr, customization can easily add on a few thousands to lakhs.


That was an enviable collection of cars, right! Tell us which ones have your heart.

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