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The US and far of the industrialized world has an weight problems downside. The surroundings is obesogenic. The meals is scrumptious and engineered by PhDs to focus on and titillate our mind reward methods. The parts are huge. Half of our waking hours are dedicated to sitting slumped over in a chair staring into an digital machine—for work and for pleasure. We eat carbs we don’t want, use seed oils in portions our our bodies haven’t tailored to dealing with, and largely keep away from an important meals our ancestors developed consuming: animal protein. The most cost effective meals is the worst and the healthiest is the costliest.

It’s an enormous mess, and many individuals resist the dietary and life-style adjustments required to repair the problem. It’s no marvel many individuals have been hoping for a capsule or treatment that fixes the weight problems downside. 

Over the previous few years, scientists seem to have discovered a category of medicines that may assist: GLP-1 agonists like semaglutide (bought as Ozempic® and Wegovy®) and liraglutide (aka Victoza® and Saxenda®). Hollywood celebrities and vogue fashions are taking these medication in huge portions. Silicon Valley tech circles are taking them—Elon Musk, most famously, is on semaglutide. In brief, virtually everybody with the cash and entry and weight to lose is utilizing semaglutide and associated medication to remain skinny. I do know a number of docs who prescribe it for obese sufferers.

Initially designed as diabetes medication, these brokers mimic the results of glucagon-like peptide-1, an incretin hormone the physique releases while you eat meals. GLP-1 has two major results:

  • It stimulates the discharge of insulin and inhibits the discharge of glucagon. 
  • It slows down gastric motility and the passage of meals via the intestine, retaining you full for longer. 

GLP-1 is a hormone that “alerts” fullness. There are all kinds of constructive downstream results as effectively:

  • Decrease glucose manufacturing
  • Extra glucose uptake by muscle mass
  • Elevated insulin sensitivity 
  • Decrease blood stress
  • Improved endothelial perform

The brand new weight reduction medication bind to the receptors that usually work together with GLP-1 and elicit the identical impact because the hormone itself. 

Do the weight problems medication work for losing a few pounds?

Sure. They work. Out of all the load loss medication the business has pushed and examined and tried, the GLP-1 agonists really assist folks shed some pounds.

A latest paper examined semaglutide for 2 years in overweight folks. The common beginning physique weight was 106 kilos, or 233 kilos. Common beginning BMI was 38. Most have been ladies. One group acquired the drug, the opposite acquired placebo. Each teams have been recommended to comply with a “behavioral intervention,” which in all probability means train and different typical issues.

By 104 weeks, the semaglutide group had misplaced a mean of 15.2 % of their body weight. The placebo group had misplaced a mean of two.6 %.

Now, this didn’t make them skinny. On the finish, most have been nonetheless obese or overweight. 15 % of 233 kilos is about 35 kilos. That’s a terrific enchancment, however it’s not sufficient to get you to a traditional physique weight. Moreover, there was a significant plateau of weight reduction within the semaglutide group round 68 weeks. They didn’t actually lose any extra weight after that (as a bunch), they usually even began to barely acquire by the tip of the examine. It was a really minor uptick, however an uptick nonetheless.

Semaglutide wasn’t sufficient for them. They have been nonetheless principally obese, and the load wasn’t persevering with to return off—and it might have been beginning to come again on.

However these medication aren’t nearly weight reduction. There are different helpful results, too:

  • Lowered blood stress.
  • Fewer cravings for junk meals.
  • Lowered main cardiovascular occasions (coronary heart assaults, strokes, and so forth).
  • Higher glucose tolerance.
  • Lowered visceral fats.

So these weight problems medication additionally enhance different well being markers. That’s nice and means that the results whilst you’re taking the drug are principally constructive.


I see some potential downsides, nonetheless.

Potential Downsides of GLP-1 Agonists

  • You in all probability should take it for all times. A latest paper adopted a bunch of people that had taken semaglutide for over a yr and misplaced a variety of physique weight within the course of. Half of them continued taking the med and the opposite half acquired placebo injections. This went on for 48 weeks. Those that have been nonetheless on the sauce stored a lot of the weight off. Those that went off the drug rapidly regained a lot of the weight and misplaced virtually all the different well being advantages (blood sugar, blood lipids, blood stress, and so forth.).
  • It’s costly. At the least as of now, the month-to-month value of a GLP-1 agonist subscription is $1500. Insurance coverage might cowl a lot of that, however it’s a must to be severely obese or wait til these medication are prescribed for gentle obese—however even then, assuming you’ve insurance coverage, somebody’s paying.
  • Liraglutide has been proven to extend adipogenesis, the creation of latest fats cells, at the very least in mice. Even because the rodents misplaced weight, they elevated the variety of fats cells of their physique. This can be a course of that usually happens in childhood. It’s one purpose why childhood weight problems is so laborious to beat and so typically results in grownup weight problems. You have got a ton of “additional” fats cells from while you have been overweight as a child, so filling them up turns into simpler and simpler. If liraglutide or semaglutide additionally enhance the creation of latest fats cells, what occurs while you cease taking it? What occurs in 5 or ten years? Do these “empty” fats cells rapidly replenish? It’s an attention-grabbing query we merely don’t know the reply to. But.
  • GLP-1 agonists enhance resting coronary heart fee, with the longer-lasting variations like injectable semaglutide (the most typical used for weight reduction) resulting in sustained and long-lasting rises in resting coronary heart fee. Whether or not this portends a rise in well being points down the street stays to be seen, however it’s usually accepted {that a} greater resting coronary heart fee is a foul factor.
  • GLP-1 agonists trigger nausea and diarrhea. They’re really the most typical unwanted side effects folks complain about, they usually might even contribute to the disinterest in meals folks report. It’s laborious to be hungry while you really feel like throwing up.
  • GLP-1 agonists trigger lack of lean mass. This isn’t distinctive to GLP-1 agonist-related weight reduction; it’s typical everytime you shed some pounds, however anecdotally, it doesn’t appear to occur when folks shed some pounds following a Primal method of consuming and exercising. This might probably be averted by merely emphasizing protein and ensuring to raise heavy issues quite than counting on the semaglutide to do all of the work.
  • The advantages degree off after about 68 weeks. They may proceed if you happen to bump up the dose, however that can even enhance the possibility of unwanted side effects like nausea, diarrhea, and any points associated to elevated adipogenesis.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know. These are pretty new medication and we don’t have any good long run (10 to twenty years) knowledge.

My Last Tackle GLP-1 Agonists

It’s not going to repair weight problems. All of the research discover that it helps customers shed vital physique weight however that there’s a lull within the loss. It’s not sufficient. It’s doesn’t get you previous weight problems and obese into true leanness. To do this, you even have to deal with different elements of your food regimen and life-style to essentially make the adjustments stick and prolong them into perpetuity.

I do assume it may well assist folks keep on with a greater food regimen. Whereas the fanfare focuses on the truth that you may “eat no matter you need” and nonetheless shed some pounds, it’s additionally been proven to scale back cravings for junk meals and starches. A wise use of this drug could be to pair it with a wholesome low-carb food regimen primarily based on complete meals that emphasizes animal protein. Entire meals so that you’re getting the micronutrients you want and protein so that you’re getting satisfactory protein to stave off muscle loss.

In the end, most individuals studying this don’t want semaglutide injections. You’re already prepared to do the work and make everlasting adjustments to your food regimen, life-style, and train habits that set you up for long run success. However tens of millions of individuals aren’t. Whereas I’ve some main reservations about the long run results of those medication—in spite of everything, I strongly suspect there’s no free lunch in relation to stuff like this—they could be helpful on web to individuals who’d in any other case by no means think about altering their food regimen and life-style.

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